Help And Support

Our CBT System is designed to be easy, interactive and user friendly. if you are having challenges with the system, please go through this help section to get quick answers before contacting us.

Cant's Login - Invalid User ID or Password:

Possible Causes:

  1. USerID / Password Interchange: You might have used your User ID as the Password, and the Password as your User ID. Please Note that the User ID is ALWAYS a number.
  2. CAP Lock Problem: Unless you have changed your password, the Default password is always in small letters. Please ensure that you are not using capital letters at all
  3. Wrong Campus Selection: Even if you have entered the correct User ID and Password, If you mistakenly select the wrong Campus or failed to select your campus, the system will not be able to log you in.
  4. Password Changed Previously: If you have previously changed your password, (1) you must remember that password and use it for all future logins. (2) it is also possible that in the cause of system maintenance, your password has been reset back to the default password, in that case, you are adviced to please use the default password and later change the password again.

I Clicked Login But Nothing is Happening:

If you can't see the login Dialog box, then you must change the device you are using to access the system, Possible reasons are; either you are using an old browser or an old phone which does not support the latest update of technologies that run eschoolsboard, or javascript is not enabled.

Login Form Is not Showing Fully:

The Login form contains 3 fields "User ID", "Password", "Campus", and a Login button. if all these elements are not showing on your screen, it's because you are using a small screen mobile device. in that case, you should try using a better web browser from your phone. if that doesnt work, then you need to try again using a bigger device or a Computer.

System Keeps Logging Me Out:

If the system successfully logs in but keeps login out immediately, it's because COOKIE is not enabled in your device. you may either enable COOKIE on your device, or use a different Device

Why Is my Account Disabled?:

All accounts are usually disabled when system update is in progress.
However, the school may block the account of a single student/user for the following reasons:

  1. Due to Outstanding School Fees
  2. Suspension
In any case, the reason will be written for you once you attempt to login.